hello, it’s me

i used to have my own site–iamcliff.com. i was running a blog for about 3 years on wordpress, but got tired of maintaining it. i was going to do away completely with having a blog, but i think i like it more than i was letting myself think i did. i also used my site to display pictures i take. i like photography.

so here i am. i also opened an account at flickr. you can see my photos here. yeah, i think i’m gonna ride the wave of free accounts for a while and see how i like it.

if you are thinking of paying for your own host and domain name, don’t use ipowerweb. i’ve had problems with them. i recommend crucial paradigm. i play bass in a band and we use crucial paradigm as our host. they are very nice and way more professional than ipowerweb, i think.

i go to french school here.

i think that’s plenty enough about me for one post.