10 minutes

we found out yesterday that there is an apartment 10 minutes away available for us. it’ll be nice to save on the gas. i spent 80 bucks on gas last week. can’t be doing that every week. it’s actually in a retirement home. we’re probably the youngest people to live there EVAR! some of our superiors are staying there as well.

we also found out today that all of the vents from the roofs have blown off, leaving big holes. so we probably got some rain in the apartment from katrina. there’s no telling how much. i also looked at the New Orleans flood depth map and it said that the max depth in front of our apartment was 9 feet in front of our apartment. 8.3 feet behind our apartment. so i have no idea how accurate it is. we only have 8 foot ceilings, so at either one of those depths the apartments below ours would have been completely flooded to the ceiling at one point. it saddens me for them to already know for sure that they have lost everything. the apartment directly below ours had just been occupied by an older lady. she must have only been there two weeks. well, one of my jobs here is to enter updated personal information of students, staff, and faculty of the school i work at into a database that they had me create when i first got here in decatur. i was entering the address from one certain sheet and realized that it was the same street address as mine. it was for apartment A–this same lady who had just moved in below us. i found out from her sheet that she is in her 70’s, is due to graduate in 2006 and has lost everything. the other apartment below ours, B, was occupied by some friends of ours.


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