thanksgiving time is here…

…families drawing near…yuletide by the fireside–wait, wrong holiday.

candace and i are going to see my family in south louisiana for thanksgiving. i can’t wait to have time off. since we’re on the subject of work and time off–i think it’s ridiculous that where i work doesn’t give you off until noon the day before thanksgiving. so much for the people who want to get on the road early and travel. needless to say, i used some of my vacation time and asked off the whole day so that we can leave really early.

so, it’ll be nice to relax for three solid days before driving back. my mom called me last night and told that she’s doing fried shrimp one day. i can’t wait. that’s actually one thing about new orleans that i miss–not having good seafood.


staying where i am

so i told my boss a couple of days ago that i’m not going back to new orleans. it went a lot smoother than normal. he was actually okay with it. he said i could stay and work here in decatur, georgia at the extension center, but i would have to do other things besides just computer work, which is okay with me. i’m just happy not going back to new orleans.

10 months of marriage

i got married on this day 10 months ago. not exactly the first year of marriage i was expecting, with the whole hurricane and being displaced thing. it’s been over two months since katrina and we’re still displaced…technically. when i say technically, i mean that we’re kind of in this transition phase between having lived in new orleans and wanting to live here in atlanta and call it home, but not having the means to do so yet…half-displaced maybe. i have no desire what-so-ever to go back to new orleans. the only thing i like about new orleans is the food. i greatly disliked living there. on the other hand, i love living here in atlanta. if my boss came to me today and said “we’re going back to new orleans and need you to come today” i would say no. at this moment, that means i’d be out of a job with no place to live. kind of difficult situation for me.