christmas time is here

wow, i didn’t expect to go that long without a word here. thanksgiving was good. had some good food and a good time. have i mentioned before that we got a dog? yeah, it’s a miniature dachshund. its color is silver dapple. we got all his shots, got him registered and got a pedigree and everything. he was 3 months when we got him. now he’s either 5 or 6 months. i can’t remember what month we got him, september or october.

anyway, we took him with us to louisiana. he did very well riding. slept almost the whole way there. we’re still working on getting him to hold it when he has to go. he has accidents every once in a while, but he’s learning to tell us when he has to go. he’ll run and kind of jump and hit the door with his paws.

we’re going to stay in georgia for christmas. well, we’ll stay here until christmas day or the day after. her family always drives down to mobile, alabama where all of their family lives and stays a few days for christmas. so candace and i will be going with them.