yep. i was let go. even though a month ago i was told that i didn’t have to go back to new orleans and could stay here in georgia and work, that it wasn’t a problem, that they could use some help at the extension center here, that they would do their best to work with me, i was let go–by the same person that told me these exact things. all i can say is…freedom!! what a release! i feel good about it. i did my part. i stuck it out through the hard times right after katrina when everyone else i worked with and was planning on having a career working alongside with in new orleans was gone or leaving and it would have been so much easier to just quit right there. how badly i wanted to be gone from that place, but i stuck it out. i feel i did the respectable thing. now i just need to find a job.

candace turned in her resignation letter the same day i was let go. we found out later that they were planning on firing her in two weeks anyway. we have a week and a half left to move out of our apartment there near the extension center. we’ve packed a few boxes, but there’s still a bunch left. i’m dreading the move.