or arkafilthia as known by some there. arkadelphia, arkansas. i was there playing music all last week. it was a fun time. first time to be in the same room together with the other guys in the band since july 2005. because of hurricane katrina. we’ll be in toccoa, georgia next weekend.

i’m going skiing this coming week in north carolina at sugar mountain. well, i’ll actually be snowboarding. it’ll be my first time. candace has been a bunch of times, so she’ll have to show me what to do. i used to skateboard in high school and college, but i’m not sure just how similar it will be.


out and in

we’re out of the apartment and in with the in-laws. my in-laws to be exact. we’ve no where else to go so we’ll be shacking up there for a while until we can get our feet back on the ground. i’m just glad that any ties we had to our former employer are now gone. very liberating. i’m starting a web design business on the side and have already taken a couple of contract jobs, so maybe that will pick up some. who knows.