south louisiana, part deux

it was a good trip. it was too short a trip. i wish we could’ve stayed a couple of more days.

the crawfish was excellent. the fried catfish and shrimp, too.

candace had to be back for an event on friday night, so we left a 5am to beat new orleans traffic. it was already starting to get thick when we went through around 6. leaving at 5, however, with an hour stop in mobile alabama to visit grandma puts you in atlanta right when traffic is starting, so it took us 2 hours to get through atlanta/marietta/woodstock traffic. twelve hours on the road. it’s funny how when you drive for long periods of time, you are basically involved in no physical activity whatsoever, but it drains you physically. it does that to me, anyway. it may just be because i’m one of the least active people i know and even driving fatigues me.


south louisiana

candace and i decided on a whim to drive down to south louisiana to visit my parents for a few days. i also had a gig last night in new orleans, so i was here for that as well, but that was my secondary motive for going. we’re going to visit some people and check out the quarter today while my parents are working. we haven’t been to jackson square or cafĂ© du monde or anything since before hurricane katrina. then we’re going to come back and have some fried catfish. but the best is tomorrow. boiled crawfish. yes. *laughs three times* i didn’t think i’d be able to have any this year now that i live in the atlanta area.