my new truck

my new truck

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i got a new truck today for work. it’s a 2006 GMC canyon.


shane and shane

i went to the shane and shane concert in marietta last friday. it was pretty good. i saw them once before in new orleans. i was on the fifth row center in new orleans, but here i was kind of off on the side, so i didn’t get the full sound experience. it was difficult to hear shane everett’s voice. once again, though, it was like listening to a cd.

at long last

after 5 months of searching and job interviews, i finally got a job here in the north metro atlanta area. it’s with a large tire manufacturing company. i had an assesment a couple of weeks ago and then had an interview last friday. i just found out yesterday from their human resources guy that they are sending me a job offer via fedex, so i don’t know all of the exact details about my position yet. it involves computers somehow. it’ll take me about 30 minutes to get to work. not too bad. it’s an easy drive, too, away from atlanta, so not much traffic at all. i’m really glad i don’t have to deal with atlanta traffic at all. i just need to get another vehicle to get back and forth. my wife has a new job as well, and she needs to get to work too.

scruggs style

I had never heard this term until a month ago. I played bass for a bluegrass music service at church and had my first up close real-life look at a banjo player. I’ve never seen anything like it. This guy was fast. I found out later that he’s a local favorite in the woodstock, marietta area up here in Georgia. I never saw any bluegrass in New Orleans, but it’s really popular up here I’ve found out.

Of all the instruments I ever thought to learn how to play, the banjo was not even on the list. Well I was so impressed with this guy, that I decided I wanted to try it out. So I found out that my church owns an old epiphone banjo. I am borrowing it right now and I am learning to play “scruggs style” made popular by a man by the name of Earl Scruggs, the guy who played the banjo for the theme song for The Beverly Hillbillies. I didn’t know there were styles either, but there’s also another style called clawhammer, which I’m not too interested in as of now. I’m going through Earl Scruggs and the 5 string banjo. Wish me luck.