1 year since Hurricane Katrina

It’s already been a year since Hurricane Katrina. Actually, two days ago was a year since I evacuated New Orleans and came to Georgia. It doesn’t seem that long ago for me. It seems like just a couple of months ago that I left New Orleans and came to Georgia and started going to work everyday in that dreaded, freezing cold room on the third floor of the New Orleans Seminary extension. I disliked being in that room with the two other people I had to be in there with. Then there was the bittersweet day I was laid-off and began my job search in the Atlanta area. I’m not complaining at all, though. God has blessed my wife and I with better jobs, a better hometown (in my opinion), and a great church family. Now we just need to find a home to live other than with my wife’s family. I continue to pray for other people I know living there still looking for better things.


Book Stuff

I just finished a book by Micheal Crichton called Timeline. It was really good. I didn’t realize it was the book the movie was made after when I checked it out from the library. I also didn’t realize that he was the author of titles like Jurassic Park, Congo and that he was the creator of the television show ER.

I’d like to see the movie Timeline now. I’m pretty sure I’ll be disappointed just like I usually am after reading a book and then seeing the movie based on the book. The book is always so much better. I did, however, like Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies. The books were indeed better imho, but I really liked the movies anyway. Peter Jackson needs to do a Hobbit movie. I liked reading the Hobbit way better than The Lord of the Rings.

Cross your eyes. Do it. Now.

Man, it’s stinkin’ hard to stay up all night. I’m on nights at work this week. I have to sleep all day later today so that I can survive at work tonight. My eyes are crossing I’m so tired. I will usually go to bed around 4:30am, but I’m not sure I can make it another 2.5 hours.

I tried reading earlier to pass the time, but that makes me even more sleepy trying to focus on tiny words. I was seriously reading with one eye while trying to keep the other one open and stop it from crossing. If I looked like that all the time when I read, people would think I had serious problems. I can imagine a packed waiting room and the surprised looks I would get. And the mothers telling their children to stay away from the crazy-eyed man who was staring strangely at the pages in a book.

Sometimes I eat toaster pastries in the dark.

Birthday Time

I just got back from Reinhardt College. A bunch of us from church went there today, the students’ move-in day, to help carry things to dorm rooms. It was really humid outside and was starting to get hot, but it was a good time.

I took Candace to breakfast at Cracker Barrel as another part of her birthday weekend. Her birthday is on Monday, but I have to work all night on Monday and she works during the day, so I won’t really be able to see her on her actual birthday. We went to Atlantic Station with her family last night and ate at California Pizza Kitchen. Then for today, I bought Candace a one hour Swedish Massage. Then tomorrow night, I’m taking her to eat at Canoe. I felt bad not being able to spend any time with her on her birthday, so I wanted to make sure this weekend that she knew I thought she was special to me.

John Twelve Hawks

I just finished reading a new novel by a new author named John Twelve Hawks. Man, that was a good book. It’s called The Traveler. I’ll definitely be keeping up with this author’s next books.

I would describe the book as a mixture between Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and the movie The Bourne Identity. You just have to read it to see. It may be a bad description, but that’s the only way I know how to describe it.

nintendo ds lite

i’ve kinda wanted a nintendo ds since they first came out. i never got one before because i wasn’t really impressed with the games that came out for it. now since the ds lite is out, i’ve really wanted one–especially with all the rpg’s that will be coming out for it, like final fantasy III.

well, i just bought one. i picked up metroid prime hunters as well–because i need a game to play on it. i’ve been a huge metroid fan since 1994 when super metroid came out on the super nintendo–one of my all-time favorites. then metroid prime on the gamecube was a great game. i played that one crazy-time. *begins thinking of life on the farm. weeping ensues.*