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so i tried the myspace thing for a while when my wife joined to keep an eye on her brother and his friends. turns out it’s more than just a middle school thing. man, i found people i haven’t seen in 5 to 10 years. well, i don’t want it anymore, so i’m deleting it. i went ahead and copied all the blog posts i made on it during the couple of months i had it. any posts you see from july to october 4 are from that blog. i think i’ll just stick with this blog.



i quit the banjo. i’m content with just knowing the basics. it’s just that i can only handle a small amount of bluegrass at a time. after i’ve had my small fill, i don’t want to hear it for another long while.

the job is okay. 12 hour work days are long days, especially when things are stressful. having to switch between days and nights every two weeks stinks. just when you get used to one, you gotta switch to the other. i’d rather have a 8 to 5, monday thru friday job, but you take what you can get when times are desperate. the pay is good. i’m making more than i ever have before, but i think they pay this much because of the drawbacks i already mentioned plus some other things that you just wouldn’t understand unless you worked where i work.

i haven’t disappeared, just haven’t paid any attention to this blog.

Mississippi part deux

So it turns out that the gig in Mississippi was a state-wide event. There were about 1000 college students there representing 30 campuses from around the state. It was good to see the guys in the band. It’s been a while. I miss playing music and travelling as much as we used to. I wish there was some way I could start a band or be in a band here in Georgia. It’d be weird, though. My current band has been together since 1998 and we’ve had the opportunity to travel all around the United States. We’ve played so much and are so used to each other’s style we can go longs periods of time without practice and still pull off gigs like we never missed a day. It’d be weird learning to “gel” with other guys. We’ve been slowly moving to this point we’re at now where we don’t gig but every once in a while. It’s at an all-time low with only 6 events for 2006. I knew we were slowing down, but 6? Man, that’s not a lot at all. And now for the first time, I think, we have nothing booked on the calendar after this past weekend in Mississippi. It’s kind of strange.