i quit the banjo. i’m content with just knowing the basics. it’s just that i can only handle a small amount of bluegrass at a time. after i’ve had my small fill, i don’t want to hear it for another long while.

the job is okay. 12 hour work days are long days, especially when things are stressful. having to switch between days and nights every two weeks stinks. just when you get used to one, you gotta switch to the other. i’d rather have a 8 to 5, monday thru friday job, but you take what you can get when times are desperate. the pay is good. i’m making more than i ever have before, but i think they pay this much because of the drawbacks i already mentioned plus some other things that you just wouldn’t understand unless you worked where i work.

i haven’t disappeared, just haven’t paid any attention to this blog.


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