final fantasy xii

my wife is great. she surprised me yesterday by buying final fantasy xii for me. i wasn’t planning on buying it right away because i didn’t think she’d like me spending 50 bucks on video games. it was a good surprise. so i went to the basement and dug out my ps2 which i haven’t played since the day before we evacuated for katrina. my controller for some reason quit working. i’m not sure why, really, since it’s just been sitting in a plastic bin in a dry, cool basement. anyway, i ended up borrowing one of my brother-in-law’s controllers. his friend austin has 3 and told me he’ll give me one because he doesn’t need it. cool.

anyway, the game is good so far. the intro was amazing. i was really surprised by the voice acting. it’s really not that bad at all. i didn’t know what to expect since final fantasy x was not great to me.


2 thoughts on “final fantasy xii

  1. Well I’m glad that you like it. I just got the game yesterday as well but I’m not allowed to touch it until i finish Dragon Quest VII. So for now I must deal with watching my wife play it rather than me. So far it looks awesome and I’m having fun helping her out anyway so it’s all good.

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