i switched part 2

so yeah, 20 inch widescreen iMac. the only stuff i added to the standard package was an extra gig of ram, wireless keyboard and mouse, and the apple care protection plan. i got it from the apple store in the lennox mall in buckhead. it was nice to just walk out of the store with my new computer instead of ordering it online and waiting for it to be shipped. i’m still getting used to the OS. i’ve been a PC user for over 12 years, so it’s a little weird.

one of the cool things about the computer is the fact that the power cord is the only cord. i moved the computer from our kitchen table to our extra room last night. took me like 2 minutes from the time i shut down to the time that i had it plugged in and turned on in the new room. nice. plus, it just looks really cool.


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