current events

i started my current job a year ago today.
i got directv a couple of days ago. i like.
i’m going on a week-long vacation starting this sunday. florida. the beach.
my dog, jean, turned two years old ten days ago.


4 thoughts on “current events

  1. i started my current job four months ago.
    i signed up for blockbuster total access last month. i like.
    i check this blog everyday…usually in vain…perhaps a silent cry that i long to be near my friend. i will resume a fetal position after this post.
    the third fruit of my loin is “due” on Dec 21.
    arin will be seven months old in four days.
    i am taking my church to mexico in three weeks.
    in august i am going to rwanda with a childhood friend to represent our non-profit
    good bye, old friend.
    enjoy the florida orange juice.

  2. i signed up for blockbuster total access two months ago. i like too.
    i watch many movies. i read many books. it is all i do on off days. solitude is best friend again.
    i wish to visit old friends. i miss old friends.

    it’s strange. i check this blog almost daily as well with the intent to post something. then words fail me. so that’s why this post was just a bunch of statements.

  3. your old friend byron would enjoy reading a daily post from you. do you like your new best friend solitude? that word reminds me of a line in one of our songs: “solitude not such a lonely place when i’m walking by Your side. funny how it all works out when there’s nothing left to lose. You bring me abundant life. You bring me to someplace new.”

    can you believe we recorded that album seven years ago?

    what book are you currently reading?

    are you playing music at church?

  4. man, it’s been a while since i logged on. just got this. i must have missed it before. other than the bible, i just mainly read for leisure. a couple of christian/devotional books thrown in every once in a while. at church, when i play, it’s just mainly helping my brother-in-law out in the middle school, or youth group bands.

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