here we are

we’re in mobile for a visit. i’ve got a four day weekend because of memorial day. nice. i don’t have to be back to work until tuesday night at seven. i was up for 30 hours before going to bed last night because i worked the night before and then we came to mobile as soon as i got off. i couldn’t sleep in the car. too cramped.

i’ve got a new favorite author. his name is clive cussler. i know he’s been around for quite some time, but i’ve only recently discovered him. i’ve actually seen his name a lot, but never read one of his books until earlier this year. i just finished my third by him a few minutes ago.

i’ve taken up german. i tried to a few years ago, but only for a hundred words or so, then it fell by the wayside. this time, though, i started studying it after reading a robert ludlum book and wishing i could understand the german in it. it turns out i like it a whole lot. i’ve studied french, japanese and spanish and now german for some reason is coming very rapidly into my brain. maybe it’s because i’m used to studying languages now and i have a system i use, i don’t know. it hasn’t even been three weeks and i already know almost 500 words and phrases. and the grammar, even with the three genders and all the changing endings of articles, adjectives and plural nouns, is coming to me easier.

we’ll see if i can stick with this one through to fluency instead of the on and off again relationship i’ve had with the other three, especially french.


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