Drinking coffee like a man

I started drinking black coffee last month. Why? Purely for financial reasons . . . at first. I’m tired of buying sweetener and creamer. Now it’s turned into a test to see if my taste buds will change and if I will eventually acquire a taste for it. As of right now, it’s stinking nasty. I took about 2 weeks off of coffee before the switch. Now, this is my 3rd week of black.

I heard somewhere that kids try something 100 times before the really develop a taste for it and like it. I’m shooting for 100 days to see if it holds true for me. I said it’s stinking nasty now, but when I started it was horrid, so I guess maybe it’s gotten a little better.

Now it’s evolved into something more.

Ever hear of Jack Reacher? You may have now that Tom Cruise played him in a movie by the same name. The movie is based on the book One Shot, which is a good book. Lee Child is the author of something like 16 or 17 books now about his main character Jack Reacher. I’ve read about 14 of them. Now, get Tom Cruise out of your head. I haven’t seen the movie, but Tom Cruise is nowhere near a decent pick to play Jack Reacher. Big money grab by Child in my opinion.

Anyway, Jack Reacher is a man’s man. No middle name, no ID, no home. Just the clothes on his back and a pocket toothbrush. And he survives. Brute masculinity, this guy, I tell you. And he drinks his coffee. Lots of it, and black. I never even considered drinking black coffee until I read my first Reacher book a few years ago. The thought has been in my mind ever since. Every time I poured the sweetener and creamer into my coffee I would think of how much of a pansy I was. Well, not anymore. I’m reclaiming my masculinity.

Here’s to you, Reacher.


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