final fantasy xii

my wife is great. she surprised me yesterday by buying final fantasy xii for me. i wasn’t planning on buying it right away because i didn’t think she’d like me spending 50 bucks on video games. it was a good surprise. so i went to the basement and dug out my ps2 which i haven’t played since the day before we evacuated for katrina. my controller for some reason quit working. i’m not sure why, really, since it’s just been sitting in a plastic bin in a dry, cool basement. anyway, i ended up borrowing one of my brother-in-law’s controllers. his friend austin has 3 and told me he’ll give me one because he doesn’t need it. cool.

anyway, the game is good so far. the intro was amazing. i was really surprised by the voice acting. it’s really not that bad at all. i didn’t know what to expect since final fantasy x was not great to me.


nintendo ds lite

i’ve kinda wanted a nintendo ds since they first came out. i never got one before because i wasn’t really impressed with the games that came out for it. now since the ds lite is out, i’ve really wanted one–especially with all the rpg’s that will be coming out for it, like final fantasy III.

well, i just bought one. i picked up metroid prime hunters as well–because i need a game to play on it. i’ve been a huge metroid fan since 1994 when super metroid came out on the super nintendo–one of my all-time favorites. then metroid prime on the gamecube was a great game. i played that one crazy-time. *begins thinking of life on the farm. weeping ensues.*