Disco Concert

On Saturday I went to the grocery store and saw this:


So I guess if I was going to the disco that night, like I normally do every third Thursday on Leap Year, I would’ve saved some money.

No, I didn’t go to the disco, as you may have guessed, since it’s not Leap Year. But I did go to see a musical presentation, commonly referred to as a “concert” or “gig” by laymen. I went to see one Jimmy Needham with my wife and a couple of our friends.


We got seated on the second row just left of center because we knew the host. He reserved seats for us. Sweet. It was a cool concert. I had never really listened to him before, but he was very talented. He even busted out a harmonica at one point (actually sounded great) and also did a medley of some favorite Motown classics.

It was a good night.


Drinking coffee like a man

I started drinking black coffee last month. Why? Purely for financial reasons . . . at first. I’m tired of buying sweetener and creamer. Now it’s turned into a test to see if my taste buds will change and if I will eventually acquire a taste for it. As of right now, it’s stinking nasty. I took about 2 weeks off of coffee before the switch. Now, this is my 3rd week of black.

I heard somewhere that kids try something 100 times before the really develop a taste for it and like it. I’m shooting for 100 days to see if it holds true for me. I said it’s stinking nasty now, but when I started it was horrid, so I guess maybe it’s gotten a little better.

Now it’s evolved into something more.

Ever hear of Jack Reacher? You may have now that Tom Cruise played him in a movie by the same name. The movie is based on the book One Shot, which is a good book. Lee Child is the author of something like 16 or 17 books now about his main character Jack Reacher. I’ve read about 14 of them. Now, get Tom Cruise out of your head. I haven’t seen the movie, but Tom Cruise is nowhere near a decent pick to play Jack Reacher. Big money grab by Child in my opinion.

Anyway, Jack Reacher is a man’s man. No middle name, no ID, no home. Just the clothes on his back and a pocket toothbrush. And he survives. Brute masculinity, this guy, I tell you. And he drinks his coffee. Lots of it, and black. I never even considered drinking black coffee until I read my first Reacher book a few years ago. The thought has been in my mind ever since. Every time I poured the sweetener and creamer into my coffee I would think of how much of a pansy I was. Well, not anymore. I’m reclaiming my masculinity.

Here’s to you, Reacher.


still working at toyo. going on 3 years. no new language study. just a little french. taught my first disciple now weekend in over 10 years. last one i did was with byron. it was also a gig, too, in laporte, TX. remember that, byron? i was horrible at it and vowed to myself that i would never do it again. but i did it again last weekend. it went really well. i taught 12th grade and college guys.

here we are

we’re in mobile for a visit. i’ve got a four day weekend because of memorial day. nice. i don’t have to be back to work until tuesday night at seven. i was up for 30 hours before going to bed last night because i worked the night before and then we came to mobile as soon as i got off. i couldn’t sleep in the car. too cramped.

i’ve got a new favorite author. his name is clive cussler. i know he’s been around for quite some time, but i’ve only recently discovered him. i’ve actually seen his name a lot, but never read one of his books until earlier this year. i just finished my third by him a few minutes ago.

i’ve taken up german. i tried to a few years ago, but only for a hundred words or so, then it fell by the wayside. this time, though, i started studying it after reading a robert ludlum book and wishing i could understand the german in it. it turns out i like it a whole lot. i’ve studied french, japanese and spanish and now german for some reason is coming very rapidly into my brain. maybe it’s because i’m used to studying languages now and i have a system i use, i don’t know. it hasn’t even been three weeks and i already know almost 500 words and phrases. and the grammar, even with the three genders and all the changing endings of articles, adjectives and plural nouns, is coming to me easier.

we’ll see if i can stick with this one through to fluency instead of the on and off again relationship i’ve had with the other three, especially french.