j’ai fini

i finished moving to the cube. i moved about 9 computers yesterday. it took all day. my allergies were really acting up too because of all the dust from the old computer desks. they were acting up again today as well. i think it’s the new carpet in the new building. i finally took some benadryl around 3pm. about 4pm i was thinking to myself “why am i so tired?” then i remembered that i took benadryl. it’s still having an effect and making me plod along when i walk or do any activity. ugh. . .


cube farm

yep, i’m leaving my current, quiet, away-from-the-main-office office and moving to a cubicle. actually, the whole office staff and the radio station is moving to the second floor of a brand new building where we will each have our own cubicle. i’ve already moved a few books and stuff, but my computer will move on tuesday. i’ll still be sort of dislocated from my main office co-workers because my cubicle is across the room mixed in with the radio station. i’ll be over there because that’s where the server room is and because i actually do work for the radio station as well.

i will have a lot more deskspace than i do now, plus a new phone, really nice office chair and two small filing cabinets. it just won’t be nice and quiet anymore. alas. . .

je n’aime pas du tout la pluie

there’s supposed to be some bad weather tonight here in louisiana. i don’t remember ever really liking the rain very much except for when it would drizzle and i could relax on the swing on the front porch and listen to it. alas, there is no more swing for me to relax on. there is not even a porch where a swing could be put for me to relax on. oh well.

i’ll probably be inserting french here and there for practice as i learn more and more (as in the title). my goal is to one day start another blog completely in french. sounds kinda dumb, but after two years of french in high school, a semester in college, and now a trip to paris i would like to gain a higher understanding and knowledge of the french language so that i can communicate more effectively next time i travel to france.

hello, it’s me

i used to have my own site–iamcliff.com. i was running a blog for about 3 years on wordpress, but got tired of maintaining it. i was going to do away completely with having a blog, but i think i like it more than i was letting myself think i did. i also used my site to display pictures i take. i like photography.

so here i am. i also opened an account at flickr. you can see my photos here. yeah, i think i’m gonna ride the wave of free accounts for a while and see how i like it.

if you are thinking of paying for your own host and domain name, don’t use ipowerweb. i’ve had problems with them. i recommend crucial paradigm. i play bass in a band and we use crucial paradigm as our host. they are very nice and way more professional than ipowerweb, i think.

i go to french school here.

i think that’s plenty enough about me for one post.