Water hose storage


Before today our water hose was laying in a mangled mess on our driveway. Not anymore. My wife saw this project on Pinterest and asked me to make it. It was really simple. We bought an 8′ 4×4 post from Home Depot a few months ago. We got the cheapest one possible at 2 bucks and change. It was so cheap because it was still green and moist. We had them cut it in half at the store and it’s been drying in our garage ever since.

On Thursday I sanded it with 80 grit. I didn’t go any higher because this is project is not fine woodworking and it’s going to be outside anyway. Then I put a chamfer with my router on all four corners, but stopped a little more than a foot from the bottom and a little more than an inch from the top. I thought it made it look more like a column.

Yesterday I painted it brown and started putting polycrylic (it’s a water based polyurethane). I did a second coat of polycrylic this morning. Basically, it’s all I had on hand. I would have liked to do some deck stain with weather protection, but money is tight so spray paint and poly will suffice. I wanted to at least put something on it to protect it from the elements.

This afternoon I began digging and decided to put some stepping stones around it (we happened to have 5 on hand).


Then after I put it in the ground, I put a decorative solar powered light finial and a plant hanging hook (we bought both of these the same time as the 4×4 post) and ended up with the picture at the beginning. We do plan on putting some plants behind it, so it’s not completely finished.

I’m sure that the stepping stones will eventually sink a little so I will have to get some gravel to put under them later. I did stamp down the dirt as much as I could with the other half of the 4×4 before laying them.