en fran├žais

i started a blog en fran├žais for practice. tell your friends.

it’s here if you so desire to view it. i took me a while to do the first post mostly because i’m pretty anal about spelling words correctly. there were also a few words i didn’t know or wasn’t sure about and had to look up like afin que which is supposed to mean so that. i hope to get faster at posting in french as i progress and do it more often.

i’m the same way about spelling in english. i proof-read every post before i publish it. i always pick out errors in anything i read. there’s probably going to be a misspelled word in this post somewhere just because i’m talking about being anal about it.

oh well.



vacation was good. we have relatives who know someone who has a very nice (and i mean very nice) vacation home on a small island called ono island in orange beach, alabama. it’s actually almost on the florida/alabama state line.

we got to stay there.

yep, four full days of bliss. it was nice to not have to do anything for a few days. we ate out a few times. if you’re ever there, check out doc’s oyster house. it was really good. lambert’s cafe in foley was good as well. while in foley, we went to the tanger outlet mall and shopped around a bit. i returned to work this past thursday.

qu’est-ce que tu vas faire ce week-end?

candace and i are going to the beach in gulfshores, alabama. we’re leaving friday evening. we’ll actually be staying until next wednesday. i haven’t been on a real vacation in a long time. it will be nice to just relax knowing that i don’t have to do anything. . .except take candace shopping at the big outlet mall in foley.

it should be nice. i hope it’s nice weather.

hitchhiker’s guide

i saw the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy saturday. i liked it. i’ve never read the book and i’m sure my opinion would be a little different had i read the book before. i don’t usually like movie adaptations of books save LOTR.

i went to my hometown in raceland to a crawfish boil on saturday. someone got the crawfish for 50 cents a pound. they were huge too. very good. afterwards, my dad and i went to see the movie and then to eat at lonestar.