flooding and damage

we’ve been unsure so far how much damage was done to our area, but just found out that everyone we know that stayed behind have had to finally evacuate and from what they said, i don’t think that i’ll have much of a home to go to. i think we may have lost everything–probably not from flooding, but from the top of the apartment being ripped off. i’m not exactly sure how much is completely destroyed. i’m hoping there’s at least some salvageable items remaining. candace and i will probably be here in georgia for more time than we ever imagined at first.



well, candace and i evacuated new orleans and went to her parent’s home north of atlanta, georgia. i don’t know how long it will be until we can go home. we’re seeing video of new orleans on tv and there is a lot of flooding. the mayor said that 80% of the city is flooded. we have a second floor apartment in gentilly, but haven’t heard any news of gentilly. hopefully, everyone we know that stayed in new orleans is okay. we haven’t been able to get through on our cell phones.