bamboo monitor

i love asian decor. when i lived in new orleans, i had a whole room dedicated to asian decor. if i ever do that again, i’ll definitely want one of these. it’s a monitor made of bamboo. if you’ve ever been to a japanese garden, you’ll probably see lots of bamboo. i’ve been to a couple of large ones in california and they both had a great impact on me. they are two of the most beautiful places i’ve been.


easter eggs

easter eggs

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i dyed easter eggs tonight for the first time in i don’t know when. i tried to be all artsy with them.

* edit 4/19/06
i read this post today and realized that it sounded strange. let me clear it up. i didn’t decide on my own to go purchase some eggs, boil them, and color them all “artsy”. candace’s friend, amanda, brought her little sister over to dye eggs. my mother-in-law boiled like 15 eggs and fixed everything up for everyone to be involved.