it was nice to actually be able to wake up to my alarm and it be daylight outside.  i’m glad the time finally changed.  i  think there’s something mental that happens when one wakes up at his  normal time to daylight as opposed to darkness.  darkness = sleepy time.  i was actually ready in about 20 minutes this morning.  thanks, daylight!  *smiles widely and then a tooth sparkles and a cheesy jingle plays in the backround*


daddy likes

chrysler 300C i want this car. ever since i first saw it and realized that i really like it, i see it everywhere. someone where i work even has one.
it’s a chrysler 300 series.

we’re going in

friday. that’s the day we get to go back to where we live in new orleans and get our stuff, then we have to come back to georgia. since we’re on a second floor, it’s still a possibility that our stuff is okay, so we’ve rented a u-haul. the closest place we could find a u-haul was in laurel, mississippi. this means that we’ll have to take a circuitous route home so that we can pass through laurel and get the truck. they are being nice and letting us have 1000 miles for no extra charge. thanks, u-haul! *giddy laughter ensues*

it’s a 17 foot, drivable u-haul. i’ve never driven one before, so it’s probably gonna feel strange to be so high up. i’ll have to watch those sharp turns. we’re riding with her parents to laurel, then we’ll get the truck and caravan down to my parent’s house in raceland, 45 miles southwest of the city, wake up early friday and get it done.